Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So, yes I have been quite busy, ha. Mouth surgery this summer, child with double awful ear infection and alot of family time and travel. Eventful but overall probably one of the best summers ever. I've made a list of goals I want to accomplish (some short term, others long) and one of those includes maintaining and bettering this blog! Another of those is spending time doing things I always mean to do but never quite get to. I'm going to try a new recipe a week and post about it here. I AM going to document my scrapbooking more and post that too! One thing I've already accomplished was to buy that HUGE bag of daffodils from Lowe's with 50 daffodil bulbs and plant them for naturalization in the yard. I adore these happy yellow blooms, and usually by the time they bloom I am so over winter it isn't even funny. Hopefully I can share a sunny yellow picture of these babies on here. I will be quite busy over the next few weeks with volunteer activities at my kiddos schools, but in the lovely words of Arnold, "I'll be back...." :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Starting point

Guess there has to be one of those, eh? (for anything) Here goes, I am Amy, mom of 3 all a year apart...yeah...we know how it happened...:) If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me THAT question, well, you know...anyhoo...I enjoy so many things that I am almost constantly in a state of 'everywhereness'...yes, it is my own personal word, feel free to borrow at any time. I don't think I have adult add or adhd..more like, someone or something constantly needing something! Thus, the 'everywhereness' I usually feel throughout the day. I'm sure that alot of you (or most) understand this situation and live it daily. I do like scrapbooking, cardmaking, sewing, cooking, gardening and decorating. Oh! and blog reading! :) I do not like cleaning, (but I of course love a clean house), people who pull out in front of you to drive 10 miles UNDER the speed limit, or people who, when a new line opens at the store, run over everyone to be the first in that line when others have been waiting longer. I used to enjoy cooking until everyone developed completely different tastes. ha! My dream is to have a happy, comfy home with somewhat successful children. They are currently 11, 12 and 14 soon to be 12, 13 and 14. Hormones run high in this house! I am constantly thinking of how to make our home a sanctuary to the outside world and feel like I am climbing up a hill in a mudslide. (I think we have neighbors who wear our clothes/use our towels and such when I'm not looking---as far as I'm concerned, LAUNDRY is a dirty word) One day I may actually see the bottom of the laundry hamper, bathroom floor, laundry room get the idea. I do try not to stress over these things, however, and enjoy the chaotic life that I have. I had two different views of how my life would end up when I was in college, 1.) I am a corporate executive dashing all over the world with tons of money, still looking fab into my 50's....2.) Being a wife and mom, cleaning up, cooking and looking after anyone who came my advice...BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR....ha ha...I really wouldn't trade a minute of it. (well, except maybe for some of the time I spend doing laundry) If I have any spare time, I love to redecorate on a budget, cook something new and exciting (which doesn't feel so exciting when your youngest says..."MOM, what is THAT??" ) and work in my garden. Some days I feel like I've really 'figured it out' and others I realize I am a loooong way off. I am looking forward to possible meeting some new folks or maybe boring a few of you to tears.....either way, welcome to my blog.... duty calls and I must make dinner before my entire family STARVES to death...