Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So, yes I have been quite busy, ha. Mouth surgery this summer, child with double awful ear infection and alot of family time and travel. Eventful but overall probably one of the best summers ever. I've made a list of goals I want to accomplish (some short term, others long) and one of those includes maintaining and bettering this blog! Another of those is spending time doing things I always mean to do but never quite get to. I'm going to try a new recipe a week and post about it here. I AM going to document my scrapbooking more and post that too! One thing I've already accomplished was to buy that HUGE bag of daffodils from Lowe's with 50 daffodil bulbs and plant them for naturalization in the yard. I adore these happy yellow blooms, and usually by the time they bloom I am so over winter it isn't even funny. Hopefully I can share a sunny yellow picture of these babies on here. I will be quite busy over the next few weeks with volunteer activities at my kiddos schools, but in the lovely words of Arnold, "I'll be back...." :)

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  1. Hi Amy, just popping over from the SC forum. All the best as you jump into the blogging world :)